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Our Leveled Text Ladder

Designed by a Reading Intervention teacher to support EVERY reader

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Every text is available in all four languages!


Our leveled texts span across beginner to strong intermediate reading levels and are sure to keep your students engaged and excited to read, in whole-class or independent reading activities.

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Entice even the most reluctant of readers with our huge selection of graphically-driven, highly-comprehensible leveled readers on a wide variety of topics.

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Do your students love sports? Science? History? Funny stories? Animals? Video gaming? We built a library with a wide variety of genres and topics, so you can offer something for all interests.

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Our Level One titles are designed so that even beginners, newcomers, & those with interrupted /limited formal schooling to read and understand multicultural topics so EVERYONE can strengthen their literacy skills!

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  • Topics kids love!

  • Engaging topics + Super-comprehensible texts = HAPPY 😊 Readers!
  • Written for today's learners

  • about today's topics!
  • Now featuring English!

  • Historical & Cultural Content

  • Bring history and culture to life!
  • Leveled Texts

  • Make it easier to match books + readers!
  • Real-Life Topics

  • like a multilingual comprehensible magazine for youth!

Topics kids love!

Engaging topics + Super-comprehensible texts = HAPPY 😊 Readers! Preview this E-Lit text!

Written for today's learners

about today's topics! Preview this text!

Now featuring English!

Get E-Lit!

Historical & Cultural Content

Bring history and culture to life! Preview this text!

Leveled Texts

Make it easier to match books + readers! Get E-Lit!

Real-Life Topics

like a multilingual comprehensible magazine for youth! Preview this E-Lit text!

Frequently Asked Questions about E-Lit

What is E-Lit?

E-Lit is a digital library for World Language learners, built with TONS of visual scaffolding and leveled using our own World Language leveling system, designed by a former Reading Intervention, ESOL, French, and Spanish teacher. We began with only digital texts, but we are beginning to print full-color paperbacks so that you can add them to your classroom bookshelves, too!

Is this an app?

After the first year and a half of E-Lit, we have chosen to discontinue the app interface that we began this journey with in 2020. Even though we invested HUGE amounts of time and money into the app during 2020 and 2021, we were never able to get it to the "WOWZA" level of wow that you and your students deserve. So we are now offering E-Lit through a simpler (and, frankly, much more beautiful to look at) interface.

While many teachers were sad to see some of the app's functionality go, many others love the sleek interface of the e-readers. And we love the fact that we can now focus on what we do best: researching, writing, and illustrating engaging, easy-to-read texts for levels one through six!

An added bonus? The price went down, and there is a wider variety of options to fit your budget and needs.

How much does E-Lit cost?

Beginning in March of 2022, we will begin to offer access to the new E-Lit. Pricing is tentatively set as follows.

Is student data protected?

Yes! E-Lit is 100% FERPA and COPPA compliant. Students do NOT need to create an account, input their email address, or provide any personal data. You simply share the e-reader links with them on whatever learning platform you choose. Depending on the level of access you select, you can also print the texts and make as many hard copies as you want! You can use them year after year, forever (with the Printable package)!

Can my school pay with a Purchase Order?

Of course! We would be glad to arrange payment with district funds. Just email Susan, our Accounts Manager, at accounts@ciliftoff.com to start that process.

Is there a discount for districts or departments?

We absolutely want to bring your whole department on board! E-Lit is too good to keep from ALL the students in your building. All teachers IN A BUILDING-LEVEL DEPARTMENT can share E-Lit and collaborate to maximize students' growth across teachers and levels.

For district-wide adoptions, or for custom quotes (including using our printing service to order class sets of 25+ of ANY title we offer for around $5.80 per copy, INCLUDING MEDIA RATE SHIPPING), please email Susan at accounts@ciliftoff.com, and we will work with you and your district to get E-Lit into all your students' hands!

Are there plans to use a different app in the future?

We are looking into building our own app, with student reporting, customizable student avatars, touch-the-word lookups with pronunciation and animations to help students remember the meaning, gamification of the reading experience, audio recordings, pop-out videos, and other fun bells and whistles. Right now, we are in fun-raising mode...depending on how E-Lit sells this year, we may well be app-happy in 2023-24...watch this space to learn when the news drops!

How can we help you gt E-Lit for your students?

πŸš€ Got questions? Need help?

For billing and subscription assistance, including how to pay with a Purchase Order or to inquire about discounts for all teachers in a district or using our Print-on-Demand service for orders of 25+ of any one title, please email Susan at accounts@ciliftoff.com.

For other questions about how to use the e-readers or the texts, for general inquiries, or for technical assistance, please email elit@ciliftoff.com.

Or, chat us below, and we will try to get you chugging down Reader Highway before too much more time elapses!