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Text Ladder Levels One Through Five

Designed by a Reading Intervention teacher to support EVERY reader

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The E-Lit Library

Spanish Novels and leveled texts for free choice reading to help build a comprehensible world language reading library within your classroom


We have an ever growing list of almost 100 Spanish titles which are added to monthly! These texts span across every reading level and are sure to keep your students engaged and excited to learn!


These French titles are guaranteed to entice even the most passive of students as they make their way through our huge selection of graphically driven highly comprehensible works.


Do your students love sports? Short stories? Animals? We have a title for large variety of genres within our awesome German library! There is sure to be something for all interests.


We are so thrilled to be able to offer several works for our Japanese teachers and students. We hope to continue to grow this section with the help of our great Authors and collaborators!

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What is E-Lit?

E-Lit is an unlimited digital library for your world language classroom. Each teacher can give up to 180 students access to the entire E-Lit library combining almost 200 fantastic leveled texts and novels from any device.

Is there audio included?

Soon! We are actively working to get students the option to listen along to each text as they read.

What is the teacher dashboard?

From the teacher dashboard, teachers can monitor student progress through a variety of metrics like time spent reading, books completed, and assessments you have created. Make and manage classes to organize each level you teach. Decide which titles you want to give your students access to. Create and edit assignments and assessments to send through the app to your students.

How much does E-Lit cost?

E-Lit is $199 per year for a teacher. Each teacher can create up to 180 student accounts for free.

What if I have more than 180 students?

Teachers with large classes can purchase additional student accounts at a reduced rate.

Is student data protected?

Yes! E-Lit is 100% FERPA and COPPA compliant. Students can create an account without their email address or any personal data.

Can I pay with a purchase order?

Of course! Simply reach out to accounts@ciliftoff.com with the names and emails addresses of the teachers included in the purchase order and we will get the process started for you.

Is there a discount for districts?

We absolutely want to bring your district on board. Just email accounts@ciliftoff.com with your district size and we will get back to you with the most updated discount.