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The E-Lit Library



La aventura reveladora de Napoleón


La isla más peligrosa

Pirata del norte


Un mejor futuro


Acuerdo natural


Caras vemos

Luiasuny Puede


El entierro



El día malo, terrible y deprimente de Ignazio Soría Alarcón

Madre Tierra

Corazón sin borrador

La obsesión digital

Caray mi abuela tiene móvil digital

La policia ejemplar

No pasa nada

La fiesta

La cita inolvidable

La ciudad de los muertos

Pancho y las momias

Pintando con las manos

Cuentos Escalados Nivel 1

Cuentos Escalados Nivel 2

Pio Pista

Pio Pista y Maria

La tutora de español

Soy Carlos

Carlos celebra





Le petit journal francophone


Le tresor

Pirata de la Mer du Nord


Láventure revelatrice de Napoléon


Ned le Narval

Qui a tué Cécile?

Sleepy Meadow ou la forêt hantée

Les rat des catacombes

Au pays du rougarou

L'Ile Papillon


Ich Bin Max


Ritter von heute (2nd ed.)

German Reader 1.0

German Reader 1.1

German Reader 2.0

German Reader 3.0

German Reader Levels 3 & 4

Blühende Geschichten Stufe 1

Blühende Geschichten Stufe 2


Kai and Planet 0404

Russell Sensei´s Short Stories 1

Lisa and the Japanese School


What is E-Lit?

E-Lit is an unlimited digital library for your world language classroom. Each teacher can give up to 180 students access to the entire E-Lit library of the novels you love to access from any device.

Is there audio included?

Yes! Students will have the option to listen along to each novel as they read. Audio for some titles may be added in the weeks after E-Lit launches.

What is the teacher dashboard?

From the teacher dashboard, teachers can monitor student progress through a variety of metrics like time spent reading, books completed, and assessment scores. Create and manage classes to organize each level you teach. Decide which titles you want to give your students access to. Create and edit assignments and assessments to send through the app to your students. 

How much does E-Lit cost?

E-Lit is $199 per year for a teacher. Each teacher can create up to 180 student accounts for free.

What if I have more than 180 students?

Teachers with large classes can purchase additional student accounts at a reduced rate.

Is student data protected?

Yes! E-Lit is 100% FERPA and COPPA compliant. Students can create an account without their email address or any personal data.