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How to create your E-Lit App teacher account

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How to create your E-Lit App student account & find your teacher 

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I have purchased the app. How do I get in? 

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an instructional email from customersupport@ciliftoff.com with all of the information you need to get set up. 

My students aren't able to get into their account and/or they forgot their password?

Simply email customersupport@ciliftoff.com with the students username/email and they will be able to get this resolved for you quickly and easily. You can do the same if you experience the same problem as a teacher!

I noticed an edit that should be made to one of the texts. How do I report this? 

Thanks for noticing! We have created an edits form that you can complete with these changes and we will pass it along to our editing team!

How do my students download a title for offline reading? 

You can download the any titles within the iOS or Android apps by clicking the blue download button directly next to the title. This feature is only available on the apps, and can't be accessed when using the web browser. 

How do I track my student's reading time when they are reading offline? 

This is one of our favorite features and there is no extra work for the student or the teacher. As soon as the student comes back online, all of the reading data will upload to their account and show on the dashboard. 

Is their a timeout feature when tracking student reading data? 

Yep! If a student spends more than 5 minutes on a page, the session will time out and that session will not be logged in their reading data. Similarly, if a student skips through pages spending less than 5 seconds on a page this data will not be added to their overall reading percentage. 

I am experiencing issues with the site that aren't covered here, what should I do? 

No problem! Simply fill out this form, making sure to include any relevant screenshots and credentials and your concerns will be escalated directly to our technical team. 


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